Current Donors & Sponsors

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Major Funding

Major funding for the Lake Stewards of Maine (LSM) is made possible by grants from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Charitable Foundations

The Benevity Community Impact Fund
The Betterment Fund
The Herald and Ramona Brewer Charitable Fund
Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust
Jane B. Cook 1992 Charitable Trust
Davis Conservation Foundation
Franklin Savings Bank Community Development Foundation
Fulshaw Family Fund
Jarashow Randall Charitable Fund
Roy A. Hunt Foundation
Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust
The Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc
The Nature Conservancy
Onion Foundation
James V. O’Brien and Patricia M. Dugan Charitable Trust
Orchard Foundation
Ram Island Conservation Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
The Rosenkrans Family Fund
Seacoast Companies Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
Elmina B. Sewall Foundation
Peter W. and Delinda C. Smith Family Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
The Ann & Carden Welsh Charitable Fund

Business & Community Supporters

Acton-Shapleigh Youth Conservation Corp
Agren Appliance
Al’s Sports Center
Auburn Water District
Bar Harbor Bank & Trust
Bath Savings Institution
Bath Savings Trust Company
Clark Insurance
Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust
Cumberland Crossing by OceanView
Dental Lace, Inc.
Devaney Doak & Garrett Booksellers
Donna’s Greenhouse
Dunkin’ Donuts
FB Environmental
Fiddlehead Winery
Gammon’s Garden Center
Garden Spot Farm
Hannaford Supermarkets
Highland Green Retirement Community
Hildreth & White
Hort Resource
Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission
Maine Audubon
Maine Mapmaker
OceanView at Falmouth Retirement Community
Old Town Canoes & Kayaks
Pierson Nursuries, Inc
Port Harbor Marine at Jordan Bay
Porter Comprehensive Planning Committee
Portland Water District
KM Robbins Construction, LLC
ReVision Energy
Rooster Brother, Inc.
Scentsy, Eileen Burnell
Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc
Skillins Greenhouses
Somes-Meynell Wildlife Sanctuary
Tender Soles Farm
Town of Casco
Town of Porter
Tripp’s Farmhouse Cafe
University of Maine
Waldo County Soil & Water Conservation District
Water Monitoring Equipment & Supply
We Compost It
West Marine
Wicked Strong Products
Wild Seed Project
A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm
York County Invasive Aquatic Species Project
York County Soil & Water Conservation District

Lake & Regional Watershed Associations

Abrams Pond Association
Allen Pond Improvement Association
Androscoggin Lake Improvement Corporation
Barker Pond Folk Association
Basin, David, Tilton Ponds Association
Bauneg Beg Lake Association
Bear Pond Improvement Association
Berry Dexter Wilson Ponds Watershed Association
Bickford Pond Association
Branch Lake Association, Inc
Brettuns Pond Association
Cathance Lake Association
Citizens Association of Liberty Lakes
Clary Lake Association
Clearwater Lake Improvement Association
Clemons Pond Association
Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust
Cold Stream Camp Owners’ Association, Inc.
Community Lakes Association
Crawford Lake Association
Crystal Lake Association
Dexter Lake Association
Echo Lake Association
Estes Lake Association
Five Kezars Watershed Improvement Association
Forest Lake Association
Friends of Quimby Pond
Friends of Wilson Pond Area
Georges Pond Association
Great East Lake Improvement Association
Great Moose Lake Association
Greater Pushaw Lake Association
Green & Mirror Ponds Association
Gull Pond Association
Hobbs & Fish Ponds Association
Hosmer Pond Association
Howard Pond Preservation Association
Island Falls Lakes Association
Kennebunk Pond Association
Keoka Lake Association
Kezar Lake Watershed Association
Lake Wesserunsett Association
Lakeville Camp Owners Association
Little Ossipee Lake Association
Little Sebago Lake Association
Little Wilson Pond Improvement Association
Long Pond Association
Loon Lake Association
Loon Pond Betterment Association
Lovejoy Pond Improvement Association
Meddybemps Lake Association
Mirror Lake Association
Mousam Lake Region Association
Muscongus Pond Association
Nickerson Lake Wilderness Preservation, Inc.
North Pond Association
Panther Pond Association
Parker Pond Association, Inc.
Pickerel Pond Association
Piper Pond Association
Pitcher Pond Improvement Association
Pleasant Lake & Parker Pond Association
Pleasant Pond Protective Association
Pleasant River Lake Association
Portage Lake Association
Porter Lake Association
Raymond Waterways Protective Association
Rock Haven Lake Association
Sabattus Pond Watershed Partnership
Sabbathday Lake Association
Sand-Locke Pond Association
Saturday Pond Watershed Association
Sebasticook Lake Association
Sheepscot Lake Association
Silver Lake Camp Owners Association
Sokokis Lake Association
Square Pond Improvement Association
Summer Haven Lakes Association
Tacoma Lakes Improvement Society
Taylor Pond Association
Thompson Lake Environmental Association
Toddy Pond Association
Torsey Pond Association
Tripp Lake Improvement Association
Watchic Lake Association
Webb Lake Association
West Harbor Pond Watershed Association
Wilson Lake Association
Woods Pond Water Quality Association
Worthley Pond Association

In Memory Of~

Louis & Claire Boeri; from Charles & Linda Whitten
Donald Burnell; from Little Wilson Pond Improvement Association
Janie Crowell; from Craig Pond Association
Bob Dreves; from Anonymous Donor
Kenneth Faulkner; from Heidi & Gary Howden
Harvey Gerry; from Suzanne W. Gerry
Peggy Hallee; from Karen Holmes
Annie Hanson; from Little Wilson Pond Improvement Association
Mary Harmon; from Jo Harmon & Greg Guerrette
Rich Haslip; from Patricia McGillivary
Tsukasa Horie, from Edward & Priscilla Simmons
Thomas C. Hughes, from Sandra Small-Hughes
Geraldine Hutchins; from Diane Anderson
John D. Learson; from Robert & Carol Baechle
John D. Learson; from Kathy Brundage
John D. Learson; from Clark & Leighton, PC
John D. Learson; from The Friends of Amherst Town Library Book Club
John D. Learson; from Suzanne Gilbert
John D. Learson; from Elizabeth Hildebrandt
John D. Learson; from Marlene & Gil Hulme
John D. Learson; from Eileen Kenealy
John D. Learson; from William & Cynthia Kenealy
John D. Learson; from Barbara Landers
John D. Learson; from Jonathan Leavitt
John D. Learson; from Roselle Neely
John D. Learson; from Jean P. Oemcke
John D. Learson; from Linda L. Robinson
John D. Learson; from Sheila & Charlie White
Bobby McGee; from Beatrice Labbe
James K. Nelson; from Muriel Maxwell Nelson
Fran Pierson; from Virginia & Paul Warren
Edward Reinke; from Susan Marie Reinke
Arthur Schilling, from Jeanne Schilling
Melvin J. Shure; from Anne Shure
Margot Siekman; from Nancy Winetrout Schenck
Margot Siekman; from Scott Williams & Roberta Hill
Roger Simard; from Barry M. Kutzen, M.D.
Deborah Stiles; from Eben & Susan Thomas
Claude VanderVeen; from Edward A. Damm
Bill White; from Lorraine White
Karen White; from Norman E. White, Jr.
James William Watts, III; from Betty & Steve Clyburn
James William Watts, III; from William & Marilyn Hartman
James William Watts, III; from Lu Family
James William Watts, III; from Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Pinet McBride
James William Watts, III; from Bill & Susan Merriman
James William Watts, III; from Rheumatology Associates
James William Watts, III; from Barbara Rodes
James William Watts, III; from Linda Sumner
James William Watts, III; from Ruth & Al Waldrop
James William Watts, III; from Benjamin & Nancy Wells
Betty Zelman; from Clemons Pond Association

In Honor Of~

Janet Bissell; from Robert Bissell
Neal & Peggy Hallee; from Karen Holmes
Royce-Jerry Howes; from Brainard Tripp
The Underwoods of Fayette; from Virginia & Paul Warren
John Wasileski; from Ron & Eileen Epstein
Ross & Bunny Wescott; from Jeff Eaton
Pixie Williams; from Saturday Pond Watershed Association


~Anonymous Donors
Jeanne Achille
Arnold J. Aho
Pamela Albertsen
Martin & Fiora Arnold
Gayle & Dwight Aspinwall
Laura & Ed Atlee
William & Mary Atwater
Steven Austerer
Leonard Bachman
Linda Bacon
Susan P. Bailey
Glenn Ball
Marygrace & Peter Barber
Meg Barclay & John Scholz
Chris Barebo
Skip & Claudette Bartosch
Caroline Beard & Peter Duffey
Ewald & Susan Bender
Karen Berg & James Boak, IV
Ewald & Susan Bender
Gene Bergoffen
J. Scott Bernardy, DDS
Michael & Joanne Bernstein
Raymond Bersch & Carol Friend
Patricia & John Bickford
Richard Bicknell
Janet & Robert Bissell
Bill Blaine
Joe Bodnar
John & Doris Bonneau
Unn Boucher
Bourne Family
Dorothy A. Bowyer
Lucinda Brandt & Dan Wheatley
Anne & Rich Bray
Susan F. Breau
Robert Breen
Bert & Gloria Breton
Carleton & Hubene Brodie
Rob & Maddie Brookings
Frank Brooks & Marvin Ellison
Jennifer Brown
Warren & Bethany Bryant
James Bunting & Christine Bradbury
David & Eileen Burnell
Malcolm Burson & Eleanor Goldberg
Mary H. Bussell
Charles & Halina Byrne
Mary and Roger Cady
Linda & William Cain
Charlotte & John Calhoun
Amy S. Campbell
Tom Carabine
Diane Caracciolo
Carol Carey
Dorothy & Bruce Carlsten
Kim Caron
Sue Carrington
Liz Carter
Katie Carville
Deborah Cayer
Jen Chase
Elizabeth & Paul Chesley
Donna Childs
David & Sharon Clement
Patricia Clifford
Louis & Dorli Cloutier
Mike & Joan Cloutier
Denis M. Coffey
Jenn & Jerry Cohen
Robert & Jeri Cohn
Maurice R. Collin
Marie Connolly
Terri Coolidge
Alison Cooney
Deborah Cooney
Beth Cormier
Sara & Tom Costello
Kathleen & William Cotter
Meredith Cough
Carmen L. Coulombe
Dave Courtemanch
Richard & Catherine Cranston
Thomas Creamer
Jane Crosen
Albert P. Croston
John E. Crouch & Poppy Connor-Crouch
Mrs. Claire E. Cullinane
Karen & Paul Cummings
Geoff Cummings & Debbie Mann
John Cummings
Ray Daily
Charles & Joan Dattelbaum
Ronald Davis
Virginia Davis & James Pitney,Jr.
Buffy & Don DeMatteis
Wendy Dennis
Barry DeNofrio
George Derby
Lisa Deschenes
Peter & Elaine Devine
Brenda & Ray Dickey
Mary Jane Dillingham
Patrick Donahue
Deidre & Michael Donovan
Craig Doremus
Norman A. Dudziak, Jr. & Damaris J. Rohsenow
Joel & Rosemarie Dulberg
Sandra & Donald Dumont
Cynthia & Bob Dunlap
Ann M. Dyer
Sharon Eastman
Walter & Cheryl Edgecomb
Martha Ehrenfeld & Carla McKay
R. Dennis Ellis
Ron & Eileen Epstein
Charlie Evans
Josephine Ewing
John Ewtuch
Eileen Fair
Bruce Fenn & Susan Therrien-Fenn
George Fergusson
Thomas & Gail Finlay
Peter Fischer
Fred Flammia
Ellen Frankel & Herbert Levine
Robert & Sibyl French
Kevin & Susan Frewert
Rocco Fucetola
John & Carol Gabranski
Claire Gargalli
Marcia Gartley
Doug & Andrea Gathany
David & Susan Gay
Virginia Geyer
Bob & Maureen Giffin
George P. & Lorraine Gilbert
Paul E. Gillis
Sal & Lynn Girifalco
Jim & Diane Gloriant
Christine Gouterman
Cynthia N. Graae
Edward & Alexandra Graham
Stanley Greenberg
Katie & John Greenman
Royce Alan Gregory
Dan & Lori Guerette
Thordis & Gary Gulden
Bart & Mary Ann Hague
John & Diane Hale
Ron & Lisa Hall
Bob & Janet Hall
David Hallee
Thomas R. & Judy A. Hamilton
Debbie Hammond
Phoebe & Vaughn Hardesty
William & Virginia Hart
Rosie Hartzler
George Haselton
Elin Haugen
Sharon & Ed Hein
Marilyn Heineman
Billy Helprin
Charlotte P. Henderson
Thomas D. Herman
Barbara Hildreth
Len Hirsh
David & Janette Hodsdon
Roberta Hodson & Herbert Korn
Kevin Hoefle
Jack & Ann Holland
Colin & Brie Holme
Ellie Hopkins
Richard & Jill Horr
David & Sara James
Neil & Peggy Jensen
Jennifer Jespersen
Kay & Ralph Johnson
Rick & Louise Johnson
Lawrence C. Johnston
Bambi Jones
Steve Kahl & Mary Ann McGarry
Bobbie Keilson
Joan Kelly
David & Diane Kew
Charlotte Kerrigan
John & Joanne Kimball
Brigitte & Harold Kingsbury
Tim Kinney
Warren & Barbara Kinsman
Ronald & Leslie Kmiec
Ed & Carol Knapp
Michael & Irene Krysko
Barry M. Kutzen, M.D.
Beatrice Labbe
Lora Laffan
Norton “Buzz” Lamb
Dennis & Judith Landry

Lawrence Lane
John E. Laskey
The Lathams
Don Lathrop
Steve & Jo Laurich
Betty P. Lee
William Leithiser
Peter Leitner
Victor & Joanna Lerish
Peter and Kathleen Leslie
Marsha & Lee Letourneau
Ilene & Eli Leveston
Stephen Lewis
Lynn Roberge Ligay
Robert & Gloria Limoges
David Lind
Jim Linsley
David Littell
Robert & Martha Lively
Joseph L. Longtin
John Loomis
Patti Lott
Scott A. Lowell
Maggie & John Lowry
Heidi Lukas
Mike & Thelma Maguire
Bill & Michelle Mann
Edith K. Manns
Don & Pam Mantovani
Amy March
Norman & Barbara Marcotte
Steve & Jeri Markarian
Betty Mason
Christopher May
Dorthy & David McAllister
Judith F. McGeorge
Patricia McGillivary
Karen & Dan McLean
Paulette & Harry McNally
Paul McNulty
Ronald D. & Edith L. McPherson
John & Carole Merrifield
Alberta Messer
Tom & Marie Michaud
Paul Mitnik
Douglas Mixer
Bill Monagle
Audrey Moody
Kathleen Moran
Jason Moreau
Mr. Earl M. & Joanne C. Morse
Susan Motley
Wynn & Sandra Muller
Janet & Paul Murphy
Michael Murray
Sue Neal
Lindsay Nelsen
Melanie & Steve Ness
Diane Neumann-Hernsdorf
Thomas & Marcia Nigro
Steve Norton
Steve & Karen O’Bryan
Whitney Wing Oppersdorff
Daniel J. Orino
James Orino
Barbara Paiton
Patrick Palmer
Michael & Deborah Parkin
Amne Parsons
Dave & Betty Parsons
Pamela Parvin
Barry & Donna Patrie
Elizabeth Payne
Barbara & Wally Penrod
Ron Perrone & Diane Price
Sherry Pettyjohn
Julianna Pfeiffer
Elaine Philbrook
Denny & Sandy Phillips
Jessica Pierce
Pierce Family
Robert Pompey
Donald & Wendy Porter
Andree & Jeffrey Pride
James & Joan Proctor
Katherine M. Ralston
Lea & José Ramirez
J. Chase Rand
Jeanne E. Raymond
Frank Read
Wayne & Sharyn Reetz
William F. Reid, Jr.
Irene Reilly
Ron Reinhart
Chris Ricardi
Linda Rice
Brien Richards
Louise & Peter Riley
Karen Robbins
Dennis Roberge
Len & Debbie Roe
Casey & Howard Romero
Margaret Teele Rothberg
Carol & Stan Rothenberg
Craig & JuleAnn Rule
Mary Ryan
Elizabeth Ryder
Eric & Sara Sandberg
Gerry & Christie Saunders
Nancy Winetrout Schenck
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Schilling
Rich & Lonny Schneider
Claudia & John Scholz
Robert & Pat Severance
Keith & Ellen Shaughnessy
Tim & Danny Sholtis
Paul Shook
Carolyn Shubert
Lynn & Alan Sidman
Robert C. Silvia
Edward & Priscilla Simmons
Lee Sligh & Tom Prescott
Jill & Aaron Smart
Alison Smith
Debra & Douglas Smith
Dennis & Ellen Smith
Jeanne & Michael Smith
Jeanette Smith & Paul Rucha
Jeff Smith
Nancy Smith
Ron & Jane Snyder
Susan Sokol & Ted Webersinn
David & Diana Spahn
Deborah Q. Spurlock
Lea Stabinski
Cynthia & Paul Stancioff
Rebecca Stanley & Charles Jacobs
Jeff Stern
Christine Stevens
Ed & Bobbie Stevenson
Carl & Sally Stillwell
William & Sara Stockwell
Tom Straub
Rick Sullivan
Bob & Peggy Susbury
Jane & Dave Swan
Ozro & Donna Swett
Larry Szendrei
Michael & Donna Taflas
Jan Tarbuck
Joan Tax
Barbara & Patrick Tedesco
Marcie Teele
Dick & Jo Thibodeau
Edward & Patricia Thomas
Eben & Susan Thomas
Nathaniel P. Thompson
Hall Thompson
Stephanie Thornton
Jim & Janet Timmins
Joyce Toman
Matt & Terri Towle
Robert & June Tracy
Mr. & Mrs. George Tranchemontagne
Woody & Susan Trask
Mark & Kathy Tripp
Brainard Tripp
Kenneth D. Truscott, Jr.
Audrey Tunney
Stephen Underwood
Sue & Ted Van Leer
James Verity
Dennis & Leslie Volpe
Ruth Waldrop
Bob & Jackie Warren
Virginia & Paul Warren
Beatty Watts
John & Cheryl Welch
Barb Welch
Ross & Bunny Wescott
Frederick W. Weston, Jr.
Lew & Miriam Wetzel
Carl & Sookie Weymouth
Willis & Eleanor White
Kim White
Cathy Whorf
G.E. Mary Williams
Robert C. & Ann K. Williams
Scott Williams & Roberta Hill
Bill & Susan Williamson
Bruce & Sylvia Wilson
Richard & Patricia Windecker
Len & Mary Winsky
Stanley Wood
Rich Woodbury
Gordon B. Wright
Jeanne & Brian Wright
Callie Wronker
Linda & Heinrich Wurm
Joani & Glenn Yankee
Stephan Zeeman

Our Mission

The Mission of the Lake Stewards of Maine (LSM) is to help protect Maine lakes through widespread citizen participation in the gathering and dissemination of credible scientific information pertaining to lake health. LSM trains, certifies and provides technical support to hundreds of volunteers who monitor a wide range of indicators of water quality, assess watershed health and function, and screen lakes for invasive aquatic plants and animals. In addition to being the primary source of lake data in the State of Maine, LSM volunteers benefit their local lakes by playing key stewardship and leadership roles in their communities.


LSM is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to the collection of information pertaining to lake water quality. For 40 years, trained volunteers throughout Maine have donated their time so that we may all learn more about one of Maine’s most beautiful and important resources — our lakes.