Invasive Plant Patrol 101 ~ Online Course
Part 3 – Aquatic Plant ID
Participation in this course is required for anyone wishing to receive IPP certification

LSM’s Invasive Plant Patrol 101 online course is comprised of three parts:

  • Part 1 provides a general introduction to the threat of aquatic invaders;
  • Part 2 provides guidance for conducting an invasive plant screening survey, including discussion of tools and techniques; 
  • Part 3 takes a deep dive into Aquatic Plant ID with a focus on the eleven invasive aquatic plants considered to be most imminent threats to our state, and their native look-a-likes.

Participants who wish to receive IPP certification must take (and pass) the short online quiz at the conclusion of each course section. The quizzes are optional for all others.

Please Note: To become a fully certified IPPer you must receive a score 70% or better on all three quizzes and participate in one in-person IPP training (Live Plant ID or Plant Paddle).  If you are unable to attend an in-person event, please contact to learn of an alternative way to meet the plant identification requirement.  Once you have fulfilled all of the above certification requirements, please complete this certification form and send it to

IPP 101 Part 1: Introduction to Aquatic Invaders in Maine
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IPP 101 Part 2: How to Hunt for Aquatic Invaders
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IPP 101 Part 3: Aquatic Plants; How to Identify Maine’s 11 Most Unwanted and their Common Native Look-Alikes
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* The recordings will be UPDATED with the recently recorded 2022 sessions soon!
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