Presented by Becky Schaffner

LSM’s IAP Screening Survey Documentation forms have gone digital! With the help of our friends at the Maine DEP, and all of you who piloted this new platform last year and provided us with helpful feedback, Invasive Plant Patrollers now have the option of recording screening survey data on their smartphones, tablets, or computers. Paper data forms are still perfectly functional and welcome, but for those of you who wish to go paperless, you now have a great new tool. Please attend this webinar featuring Becky Schaffner from Maine DEP to learn all about the app and how to get started! Becky will demonstrate the process of accessing and updating the digital screening survey form on Survey123, provide an orientation to each section of the form, and guide us through the data upload process which will allow users to view their submitted data online in near real-time. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers.

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