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2013 IPP Packet CoverThe Invasive Plant Patroller’s Handbook Online is an downloadable copy of the handbook that participants receive at the Lake Stewards of Maine’s Introductory Invasive Plant Patrol training workshops. The Invasive Plant Patroller’s Handbook Online is filled with useful resources for Plant Patrollers interested in keeping their notebooks up-to-date and accurate. It has all the latest information, new resources, and the year’s updated forms for submitting plant or organism specimens, conducting a survey, or becoming a certified monitor.

Handbook Contents

Section 1: Background                                                                                      Page

Overview (PowerPoint slides)                                                                                1.0

Terms and Definitions                                                                                              1.1

Demystifying Milfoil                                                                                                 1.2

Invasive Aquatic Plants: Q&A                                                                                 1.3

Invasive Lake Plants – What are the Costs?                                                         1.4

Frightening Factoids                                                                                                 1.5

Invasive Species and the Environmental Ethic                                                    1.6

2019 CBI Fact Sheet                                                                                                   1.7

What Can We Do to Prevent Invasive Plants?                                                      1.8

Maine’s IAP Laws                                                                                                       1.9

Advanced Decontamination Protocols                                                                   1.10

Can Volunteers Make a Difference?                                                                        1.11

IPP First Responders on Tripp Lake                                                                       1.12

IPP Jumpstart Team on Moosehead Lake                                                             1.13

Annabessacook Lake Early Detection                                                                     1.14

Early Detection on Northeast Pond                                                                         1.15

Wonders of the Littoral Zone                                                                                    1.16

IPP Leadership                                                                                                             1.17

Battling the Invaders                                                                                                  1.18

The Use of Herbicides                                                                                                1.19

Section 2: Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants (PowerPoint slides)                                                                          2.0

Aquatic Plant Seasonal Cycles                                                                                   2.1

Aquatic Plant Communities                                                                                       2.2

LSM Virtual Guide to Invasive Aquatics                                                                 2.3

A Key to Common Maine Aquatic Plant Species                                                    2.4

Under the Hand Lens: Spiny Naiad                                                                          2.5

Under the Hand Lens: Milfoils                                                                                  2.6

Under the Hand Lens: European Frogbit                                                                2.7

Plant ID References                                                                                                     2.8

Tips for Underwater Photography                                                                            2.9

How to Mount and Press Aquatic Plants & Make Your Own Plant Press         2.10

33 Invasive Plants Prohibited in Maine                                                                   2.11

Section 3: Screening Surveys

Conducting a Screening Survey (PowerPoint slides)                                             3.0

IAP Screening Survey Procedures                                                                             3.1

Bucket Scope & Bucket Scope Cover Directions                                                     3.2

Anchor and Buoy Assembly Instructions                                                                 3.3

Building a View Canoe                                                                                                 3.4

Trunk Scope Directions                                                                                               3.5

How to Make a Weed Weasel                                                                                     3.6

Section 4: Forms

IAP Screening Survey Documentation Form and Instructions

IAP Mapping Survey Documentation Form and Instructions

Reporting Suspicious Plants

Suspicious Plant Documentation Form and Instructions

Suspicious Organism Documentation Form and Instructions

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