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Current Edition: In production for a February mailing to LSM volunteers.
Digital version will be available soon.

The article “What role do soil and sediment play in damping or enhancing eutrophication?” by  Dr. Stephen A. Norton and Tristan G.S. Taber will be appearing in this edition and is also published in the Maine Association of Soil Scientists.


2021 – 2022 Edition

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In this issue:

President’s Message

Executive Director’s Message

Lakeside Notes

A Brief History of LSM

Littorally Speaking

Seven Ways To Monitor and Document the Effects of Climate Change on Your Lake

“Code Red” for the Climate and for Lakes: What is Our Response as Lake Stewards?

Quality Counts

We reached our goal! 50k for the Future Lake Stewards of Maine

BloomWatch: Harnessing the Power of Citizen Science Through Collaborative Monitoring of Cyanobacteria Blooms

2021 Webinar Series

Thank You to our Generous Donors! (Pages 19-22)

Lovejoy Pond IPPers Lead Citizen Science Class for Teens

An Interview with Sookie Weymouth

Lake Stewards of Maine Recipe

Reflections on LSM’s 50 Years

A Plant Paddling Summer

New Invader found in the Belgrades

Milfoil Mission Accomplished- Cushman Pond in Lovell “milfoil free” after a 27 year battle!

A Day in the Life of an IPPer

Botanically Yours

Implementing Survey123 with the Invasive Aquatic Species Program

Maine Field Guide to Aquatic Phenomena

Inflated Bladderwort (also Swollen Bladderwort)

Meet our new staff and intern at LSM!

Passings (Pages 35-36)

Gerald Nelson Memorial Fund

LSM Volunteers Are Among the Longest-Serving Volunteers in the Nation! (Pages 39-42)

Aquatic Haikus

Watershed Survey Grants Available

Interested in Interning with LSM?


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