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Watershed Assessment

Watershed Survey Training Sept 20 2013 021

A watershed is defined as an area of land that drains to a common water body. Depending on the scale of the watershed you are looking at this could be a small brook, a stream, a large river, or, for our purposes at LSM, a lake. Because the health of a lake is heavily influenced by the geologic makeup, land use activities, and level of development that takes place in that lake’s watershed, it is a critical aspect to understand for stewardship activities.

To help address issues taking place in the watershed, LSM offers several trainings and provides educational resources.

For more information about watersheds, please look at our watershed FAQs document. It can be found HERE.

LSM offers watershed assessment trainings annually in conjunction with Maine DEP staff. More information pertaining to these trainings can be found HERE.

Additional Resources:
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