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Water Quality Certification Workshops

Sabbathday Lake Sunset- D Grant

2024 New Monitor and Recertification

This summer we will again partner with the Maine DEP in order to recertify volunteers around the state. We appreciate the travel as well as all of the work our volunteers perform. A special thank you to the local boat hosts who volunteer their time and gas, and enable us to perform regional trainings in addition to the training on Lake Auburn. The boat host program is vital to the success of ensuring all volunteers have the ability to become recertified.

General Guidance

For New Water Quality Monitors

For both new Secchi Water Transparency Monitors and new Secchi Water Transparency & Dissolved Oxygen Monitors, if you are interested in getting involved, please contact us using the form on this page. We offer many workshop sessions including some that may be in your area.

If you are interested in becoming a DO monitor, you must own or have access to a meter. That meter must also be certified. We send out information about annual certification of meters —  our Meterfest event — starting every March.

It is highly recommended that if there is a monitor currently on your waterbody that you go out with them to see what the experience is like.

For Existing Water Quality Monitors

Thank you for your interest in collecting another summer of WQ data! Look for an email with information about summer trainings, and feel free to contact Jonnie at the office, 207-783-7733, to sign up for a 2024 summer recertification workshop. We ask that you please send us any completed data forms at least twice this season; we ask that you aim for June 30 and October 1st. If you have any questions, please contact us.

To register…

  • As a completely new volunteer, please contact us using the form on this page. We will contact you by email with information about the trainings and you will need to attend one of the sessions that is labeled as “New and Recert”.
  • As a current Secchi volunteer who would like to become certified in Dissolved Oxygen monitoring, please contact us at the LSM office at stewards@lakestewardsme.org, or call to speak with Jonnie at 207-783-7733. You will need to attend one of the sessions that is labeled as “New and Recert”.
  • For current monitors who needs to participate in recertification, please contact us at the LSM office at stewards@lakestewardsme.org, or call to speak with Jonnie at 207-783-7733.

Schedule updated 2024-05-15
Yellow rows indicate changes to the schedule

WaterbodyCountyMIDASNew / RecertTraining TypeWorkshop DateWorkshop Time
QuantabacookWaldo4832New / RecertSecchiNEW DATE:  5/23/24Mid-morning
Wilson (Acton)York3920RecertSecchi / DO / Baseline5/24/2024Mid Morning
Wilson (Acton)York3920RecertSecchi / DO / Baseline5/24/2024Late Morning
Bauneg BegYork3920New / RecertSecchi / DONEW! 5/29/2024Morning
Biscay PondLincoln5710New / RecertSecchi / DO6/3/2024Afternoon
Ellis (Roxbury, Silver) Canceled
Oxford3504RecertSecchi6/4/2024 Canceled
Late Morning
Green Lake (Ellsworth)Hancock4294New / RecertSecchi / DO6/6/2024Late Morning
Green Lake (Ellsworth)Hancock4294New / RecertSecchi / DO6/6/2024Afternoon
Long (Princeton) PostponedWashington1286New / RecertSecchi / DO / BaselineJuly 2024 TBDLate Afternoon
Great Pond (Belgrade)Kennebec 5274RecertSecchi / DO6/13/2024Morning
PushawPenobscot0080RecertSecchi6/13/2024Late Morning
Echo LakeKennebec5814New / RecertSecchi / DO6/17/2024Morning
WatchicCumberland5040RecertSecchi / DO / Baseline6/18/2024Late Morning
WatchicCumberland5040RecertSecchi / DO / Baseline6/18/2024Afternoon
Tripp PondAndroscoggin3758New / RecertSecchi / DONew Date: 6/20/24Mid Morning
Rangeley (Oquossoc) LakeFranklin3300New / RecertSecchi / DO / BaselineNEW! 06/24/2024Mid morning
PennesseewasseeOxford3434RecertSecchi / DO / Baseline6/25/2024Late Morning
MegunticookKnox4852RecertSecchi / DO6/26/2024Late Morning
Wilson (Wilton)Franklin3682New / RecertSecchi / DO7/1/2024Mid Morning
Wilson (Wilton)Franklin3682RecertSecchi / DO7/1/2024Late Morning
Smith PondPenobscot2012NewSecchi Only7/8/2024Late Morning
Nickerson LakeAroostook1036New / RecertSecchi / DO7/12/2024Afternoon
Cross LakeAroostook1674New / RecertSecchi / DO7/13/2024Morning
AuburnAndroscoggin3748New / RecertSecchi / DO / Baseline7/16/2024Mid Morning
AuburnAndroscoggin3748New / RecertSecchi / DO / Baseline7/16/2024Late Morning
Crescent (Rattlesnake)Cumberland3696New / RecertSecchi / DO / BaselineNEW! 7/23/2024Morning
Georges PondHancock4406RecertSecchi / DO7/25/2024Morning
SebecPiscataquis0848New / RecertSecchi / DOTBD 8/1/2024
Possible Date
AuburnAndroscoggin3748New / RecertSecchi / DO / Baseline8/13/2024Late Morning
Portage LakeAroostook1602New / RecertSecchi Only8/21/2024TBD
AuburnAndroscoggin3748New / RecertSecchi / DO / BaselineTBDTBD
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