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Lake Stewards of Maine (LSM) fosters stewardship of Maine lakes and their watersheds in order to ensure high water quality and ecological integrity. This is accomplished by the collection of credible lake data by trained citizen volunteers, developing tools to better gather data on and understand Maine’s lakes, and by providing educational information concerning lakes to the citizens of Maine.  LSM is Maine’s leader in providing training and certification in the collection of lake data by volunteers, state agency personnel, educators, consultants, and many others.

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LSM now provides these trainings, tools, and educational resources in four main areas and in a number of smaller topical areas as listed below:

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AIS/IPP Certification

AIS/IPP Certification Quick Links   Why Certify?Certification is central to the work performed by Invasive Plant Patrol volunteers. By certifying IPP volunteers, LSM can ensure that their submitted data is accurate and scientifically credible. LSM

IPP Travel Team

IPP Travel Team Quick Links The IPP Travel Team The goal of the Invasive Plant Patrol program has always been, and continues to be, the training of volunteers to survey their lakes for aquatic invasive

Most Unwanted Poster

Most Unwanted Poster Maine’s Most Unwanted Aquatic Invasive Plants Poster This poster with line drawings depicting the 15 Aquatic Invasive Plants on Maine’s watch list is a helpful educational resource. Download

Watershed Survey Grant Information and Application

Watershed Survey Grant Information and Application Quick Links Lake watershed surveys conducted by community volunteers are an effective tool for identifying and resolving land use problems that have a negative impact on lake water quality.

The Story of Maine’s Lake Ice Cover

The Story of Maine’s Lake Ice Cover If you are getting an error message or the page does not seem to be loading, please disable your adblocker or you can view the report HERE. Thank

The Importance of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention

the importance of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) prevention Quick Links At Lake Stewards of Maine we understand the critical role that AIS prevention plays in preserving the ecological and economic well-being of our lakes and

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