Lake Stewards of Maine (LSM) fosters stewardship of Maine lakes and their watersheds in order to ensure high water quality and ecological integrity. This is accomplished by the collection of credible lake data by trained citizen volunteers, developing tools to better gather data on and understand Maine’s lakes, and by providing educational information concerning lakes to the citizens of Maine.  LSM is Maine’s leader in providing training and certification in the collection of lake data by volunteers, state agency personnel, educators, consultants, and many others.

Please click here to learn more about the Lake Stewards of Maine approach to lake monitoring. Discover the many advantages to engaging volunteers in the gathering of information on lake health.

LSM now provides these trainings, tools, and educational resources in four main areas and in a number of smaller topical areas as listed below:

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IPP In-Person Trainings

IPP In-Person Trainings Quick Links Plant Paddles Plant Paddles are guided explorations that take place on and near the water and are part of LSM’s Aquatic Invasive Species training program. After a brief orientation on

MeterFest and Meter Maintenance

MeterFest and Meter Maintenance Quick Links As part of the certified lake monitoring process, Lake Stewards of Maine (LSM) and the Maine Department on Environmental Protection (DEP), ensure the calibration and functionality of all volunteer

Water Quality Local Boat Host Program

Water Quality Local Boat Host Program Quick Links Every year Lake Stewards of Maine coordinates training and recertification events with the Maine DEP. These trainings are held regionally at lakes throughout the state. The intent

Ice Variability

Ice Variability Quick Links 01/09/2023 Severe temperature fluctuations are a well-recognized potential impact of human-caused climate change.1,2 The warming climate exacerbates the volatility of weather leading to less stability in a season. Over the past

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