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Educational Materials

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Most Unwanted Poster

Most Unwanted Poster Maine’s Most Unwanted Aquatic Invasive Plants Poster This poster with line drawings depicting the 15 Aquatic Invasive Plants on Maine’s watch list is a helpful educational resource. Download

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Ice Variability

Ice Variability Quick Links 01/09/2023 Severe temperature fluctuations are a well-recognized potential impact of human-caused climate change.1,2 The warming climate exacerbates the volatility of weather leading to less stability in a season. Over the past

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How to Construct a View Scope

How to Construct a View Scope Quick Links With a “Kayak Scope” folks concerned about the proliferation of invasive plant species in their water bodies, can very easily see below the reflective water surface. Lake

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Understanding Water Quality Indicators

Understanding Water Quality Indicators Quick Links Transparency, Polluted Stormwater Runnoff, and Algae There are many imminent threats to Maine lakes. Near the top of the list, and perhaps the most pervasive, is the potential for

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Gloeotrichia Quick Links Gloeotrichia (pronounced “glee-oh-tricky-ah”) echinulata is a colonial bluegreen algae that forms tiny spheres, which can be seen without magnification in lake water. “Gloeo” has been known to exist in Maine lakes for many years, but

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Other Lake Phenomena

Other Lake Phenomena Quick Links Other Lake Phenomena There are many factors besides water quality and invasive aquatic species that can affect lake health, and the LSM helps train volunteer citizen scientists to monitors and track

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