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“The Battle for Big Lake”, is a compelling documentary produced by LSM volunteer and videographer, Steve Underwood. The 20-minute film is an impressive example of how a community has come together to fight variable milfoil, a highly competitive, fast growing and easily spread aquatic invasive plant. This impactful and high-quality film aims to raise awareness about the threats posed by aquatic invasive species. By shedding light on this issue, we hope to inspire individuals to take action and join us in our mission. 
Lake communities are actively seeking volunteers to contribute to the fight against aquatic invasive species. To learn about volunteer opportunities, email stewards@lakestewardsme.org.  If you found value in the Battle for Big Lake film, we kindly invite you to make a contribution to support LSM’s mission to train additional volunteer community lake scientists.   
Documentary Overview:
The Grand Lake Stream region of Maine, a world-renowned fly-fishing destination in Washington County, has lured anglers from around the globe for nearly two centuries. In 2019, highly invasive milfoil – often perceived as a “Southern Maine problem” – was discovered in Big Lake, and soon afterwards in other water bodies connected to it. This aggressive milfoil has the ability to destroy pristine water quality, choke off native species and cripple lakes that are vital to the economy of Maine. This is the story of community commitment, courage and resilience, and of what Maine people can do when they come together to save something they love.  🎥 90 sec Trailer
Please contact stewards@lakestewardsme.org if you would like to coordinate a viewing of the film in your lake community
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