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Survey123 for Aquatic Invasive Species

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Survey123 is a powerful and popular tool that allows volunteers to log accurate lake data in real-time. In this webinar, Becky Schaffner of Maine DEP will teach about Survey123.

LSM’s AIS Screening forms are available in a digital format using the Survey123 program! This can be accessed on a computer or mobile device, such as an android phone.  Becky Schafner of the Maine DEP and LSM staff have created the form using feedabck from a beta testing group and continue to refine the design of the digital form. Invasive Plant Patrollers now have the option of designating survey screening sections using the application rather than paper forms, this allows us to capture the actual geospatial coordinates when using the Survey123 application.

Recording of the demonstration for LSM AIS Survey123 Tool with Becky Schaffner

This is a document for the installation and usage of the LSM / Maine DEP Aquatic Invasive Species Survey123 Application v.2024.1IPP. It is available for download below in pdf form. You can scroll through the pages or download the document HERE.

Data portal for IAP Survey Data

Data collected by LSM volunteer plant patrollers and submitted to the data portal, in partnership with the Maine DEP (notably Becky Schaffner). Data is reviewed annually in the late fall, however LSM cannot verify every instance compiled here.

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