Every year Lake Stewards of Maine coordinates training and recertification events with the Maine DEP. These trainings are held regionally at lakes throughout the state. The intent is to save significant travel for our fantastic volunteers. In order for these trainings to happen though, we need local boat hosts.

The local boat host program saves many volunteers significant time and money by allowing us to offer these trainings regionally.

Our entire community can help in this effort, not just certified water quality monitors. If you want to support Lake Stewards of Maine and have the means to do so through providing a day to ferry LSM or DEP staff and water quality volunteers out, we would very much appreciate it.

Even if you are not a water quality monitor, you can be a regional boat host.

In order to qualify to be a boat host, there are some criteria you need to meet:
  1. Access to a boat that can safely carry at least seven people and their equipment;
  2. Your lake has a deep hole (or other measurement station) that is at least 10 meters (33 feet) in depth;
  3. Up to one full day of host availability to take volunteers out over the spring/summer;
  4. Some flexibility for schedule changes due to weather; and,
  5. Restroom facilities, either in a house or at the boat launch where volunteers attending can park.
If you can meet these requirements and are interested in acting as a boat host, please contact us at stewards@lakestewardsme.org?subject=boat host and provide your name, lake, town, and any dates you are available between April and July.
Thank you for your assistance!
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