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Join Lake Stewards of Maine and Maine Lake staff for fascinating discussions about lakes! There will be opportunities for questions and dialogue.


Maine Newest Aquatic Invasive Threat

Presented by Brett Willard LSM’s Aquatic Invasive Species Program Director

April 18th, 2024

In early 2023, four new plants were added to Maine’s watch list for potentially invasive aquatic plants. Since their addition, three new infestations of one of these new invader have been discovered in Maine lakes, with likely more to come. In this webinar the Aquatic Invasive Species team at Lake Stewards of Maine will discuss how to identify these four plants and their native lookalikes, how LSM is engaging with lake communities with active infestations, and how volunteers can become involved in battling aquatic invaders across Maine.


Past webinars


Understanding Ice in Maine’s Lakes & LSM Dataset

Presented by Tristan Taber, Lake Stewards of Maine, February 15, 2024

Ice coverage is an important metric of climate conditions and a factor in the health of Maine lakes. Tristan Taber from Lake Stewards of Maine will give a brief overview of ice coverage sampling, some of the issues with different methods, and discuss what we are seeing so far based on volunteer collected data. We will open it up for questions and provide for an online dialogue, a time to ask questions and Tristan to display some of the data that has been collected.

Crayfish Ecology

Presented by Dr. Karen Wilson, Associate Research Faculty at the University of Southern Maine, March 7, 2024

Lesser known (very distant) relatives to the Maine lobster, freshwater crayfish are found throughout the state in lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers. In this presentation, Dr. Karen Wilson from the University of Southern Maine will discuss the biology, ecology and distribution of freshwater crayfish in Maine. In addition, Dr. Wilson will (re)introduce the Maine Crayfish Project, a long-term effort to map the distribution of crayfish species in the state. The Maine Crayfish Project benefits greatly from the efforts of volunteers. 

PFAS: A New Fish Tissue Issue

Presented by Tom Danielson, Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

You have probably read about PFAS in the news lately as it relates to contaminated farmland. Tom Danielson of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection presents information about per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as “forever chemicals”, in Maine’s lakes and rivers.

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