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IPP Program


Invasive Plant Patrol Workshops

Greetings Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Patrollers!

LSM provided training and informational sessions in an online format in 2020 due to the CoViD-19 outbreak. Since then we have been improving the format and offering of our certifications. In-person AIS workshops began again in 2022. Events as part of our 2023 summer season will be posted on the website.

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Invasive Plant Patrol 101 ~ Online Certification Course

Invasive Plant Patrol 101 (LSM’s IPP certification course) is comprised of three parts:

      • Part 1 provides a general introduction to the threat of aquatic invaders; 
      • Part 2 provides guidance for conducting an invasive plant screening survey, including discussion of tools and techniques;  
      • Part 3 takes a deep dive into Aquatic Plant ID with a focus on the eleven invasive aquatic plants considered to be most imminent threats to our state, and their native look-a-likes.

Participants who wish to become LSM Certified Invasive Plant Patrollers must pass a short online quiz at the conclusion of each course section. The quiz is optional for all others.

In the final stage of certification, participants are asked to collect several aquatic plants on their own, and then attend one of LSM’s regularly scheduled Plant ID Zoom Sessions (schedule and registration below) for feedback on tentative ID’s and/or guided identification.

IPP 101 Parts 1: Introduction to Aquatic Invaders in Maine

~Link to recording~
~Link to Quiz~

IPP 101 Parts 2: How to Hunt for Aquatic Invaders

~Link to recording~
~Link to Quiz~

IPP 101 Part 3: Aquatic Plants; How to Identify Maine’s 11 Most Unwanted and their Common Native Look-Alikes

~Link to recording~
~Link to Quiz~

Please Note: To become an LSM Certified Invasive Plant Patroller you must receive 70% or more on all three quizzes and then send christine@lakestewardsme.org a completed certification form.

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