Plant Paddles

Plant Paddles are guided explorations that take place on and near the water and are part of LSM’s Aquatic Invasive Species training program. After a brief orientation on land, we will paddle out to observe aquatic plants in their natural habitat, practice essential survey skills, and learn how to carefully collect plant samples for closer examination. Back on shore, we’ll go over aspects of plant structure, check to see if any of the collected plants are suspected of being invasive, and identify the plants the group has collected. This course is a perfect entry-level experience for those looking to get involved in invasive plant detection. Come join us! (This course meets the requirements for basic IPP Certification).


Live Plant ID Sessions

Participants will work their way through a series of learning stations studying and comparing live aquatic plant specimens–some of them invasive species and others native look-alikes. Attendees will learn to hone in on key characteristics needed for identification: leaf arrangement, leaf margins, flowers, bracts, etc. This course is perfect for those who wish to sharpen their botanical skills while learning how to confidently recognize the aquatic invasive plants of concern in Maine, as well as a host of native species. (This course meets the plant ID requirement for IPP Certification Tier 2).

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