Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention

AIS/IPP Certification

AIS/IPP Certification Quick Links Why Certify?Certification is central to the work performed by Invasive Plant Patrol volunteers. By certifying IPP volunteers, LSM can ensure that their submitted data is accurate and scientifically credible. LSM offers three tiers of certification to IPP volunteers (IPPers). Each tier represents a volunteer’s deeper understanding of aquatic invasive plants, survey …

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IPP Travel Team

IPP Travel Team Quick Links The IPP Travel Team The goal of the Invasive Plant Patrol program has always been, and continues to be, the training of volunteers to survey their lakes for aquatic invasive plants. Several years into the program, Lake Stewards of Maine realized that while many lakes had active and engaged people …

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Most Unwanted Poster

Most Unwanted Poster Maine’s Most Unwanted Aquatic Invasive Plants Poster This poster with line drawings depicting the 15 Aquatic Invasive Plants on Maine’s watch list is a helpful educational resource. Download

Know Your Floating Leaf Plants Webinar

“Know Your Floating Leaf Plants Webinar – October 19” Quick Links “Know Your Floating Leaf Plants Webinar” Date: October 19th, 2023 Recording available Lake Stewards of Maine will host a webinar titled “Know Your Floating Leaf Plants” on Thursday, October 19 via Zoom at 9:00 am.   Learning plants by their floating leaves is a great for beginning plant patrollers to get started identifying aquatic flora. In this …

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The Importance of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention

the importance of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) prevention Quick Links At Lake Stewards of Maine we understand the critical role that AIS prevention plays in preserving the ecological and economic well-being of our lakes and waterways. AIS prevention is not just essential but also the most cost-effective and manageable approach in safeguarding our aquatic ecosystems. …

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Courtesy Boat Inspection

CBI Informational Quick Links Courtesy Boat Inspection is an essential practice to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) in Maine’s water bodies. AIS are non-native plants and animals that can cause severe harm to native ecosystems, disrupt food chains, and reduce recreational opportunities in lakes and rivers. Once introduced, AIS can quickly spread …

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AIS Reporting Guide

AIS Reporting Guide Quick Links Friend or Foe? What to do when you find a suspicious aquatic plant With wider awareness of the threat of invasive aquatic plants, more people are looking into their lakes and wondering what’s lurking beneath the surface. Lake Stewards of Maine (LSM) is here to help anyone, from highly trained …

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IPP Handbook

IPP Handbook Quick Links The Invasive Plant Patroller’s Handbook provides volunteers with important information on what aquatic invasive plants are, why you should be concerned, and how to begin surveying your lake to detect infestations early. The Handbook is broken up into four sections so that you can more easily find what you’re looking for. …

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Know Your Bladderworts Webinar

Know Your Bladderworts Webinar Quick Links Recording is now available   “Know Your Bladderworts” Presented by Brett Willard and Christine Guerette. This webinar is designed to teach beginners how to know and identify bladderworts, a genus of common carnivorous aquatic plants. In this class, guests will learn how to determine the identify of four of …

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